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Dutch Bibles
Antique (Family) Bible (Statenbijbels) and books in the Dutch Language
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All Bibles are listed in order of publishing date. For each Bible there is a seperate detailed webpage with many, many more pictures that you can reach by clicking on the title of the Bible or at the 'more details' link at the end of the description.
A note on the quality of our Antique Bibles:
We take great pride in the quality of the Bibles we offer. We cannot replace missing pages or undo water damage and so on, but we do make sure that the binding of the pages as well as the covers is in good (daily) useable condition. Therefore most Bibles go through a restoration process where the spines are cleaned of old failing adhesive and loose pages or broken signatures are restored/replaced. Old spine leather is reinforced or replaced and spine reinforcement is applied with new headbands and the cover hinge is extra re-enforced. Also the cover leather is cleaned and treated and if applicable the clasps are cleaned and restored. This is not just a patch job! This process brings the strength of the book back to its original quality!

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The 'Delftse Bijbel' is generally considered to be the first printed Dutch-language Bible in 1477. 
The 'Statenvertaling' of 1637 (by many considered the 'Dutch version of the King James) is still an often used translation in the more conservative Christian circles. The name 'Statenvertaling' is used because this translation was ordered by the Dutch Congress (called 'the Staten Generaal'). The text was directly translated into Dutch from the original languages Hebrew and Greek.
As next generations of Dutch translations date to the 20th century (like the 'Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap' translation of 1951 and 'de Goed Nieuws Bijbel' of 1983) all found Bible texts in 19th century and earlier Dutch Bibles is likely to be the 'Statenvertaling'

Price $1,450.00

(stock number G78)
ize: 8.5" x 10.5" x 1" thick
VERY GOOD (VG) (antiquarian quality restored) condition

1582: A very rare pre-1600 (very early) extensively illustrated Biblical Illustrations by Petrus van der Borcht.
[Bible]. Petrus van der Borcht, illustrator. Bybelsche Figuren. 'Vertonende devoornaamfte Historien der Heÿlige Schrifture. Waar bÿgevoegt zÿn tot verklaringe van ider Figure, een kort Historich verhaal, Stichtelyke Aanmerkingen en Zinryke Vaerzen... Amsterdam: Jacob van Royen, 1582.'
 Two parts in one volume. Quarto. [4], 184 pages. Text in both Dutch and French. Engraved title page, vignette on second title page, eighty-eight half page etched illustrations by Petrus van der Borcht, decorated initials and tail-piece. Professionally rebound in brown leather over paper covered boards. Remarkably well preserved. Professionally/Antiquarian quality restored.
A very rare piece of Dutch Bible History!
(stock number 683)
12" x 8" x 3.5" thick
VERY GOOD (VG) to EXCELLENT (E) condition

A very rare FIRST EDITION of the famous Jan Moerentorf (Moretus) Roman Catholic Dutch (Netherlands - Nederlands) language Bible printed in Antwerp in 1599. This Bible has been the standard Dutch language text of the Roman Catholic church till the 1800s (and is still used). It has been reprinted many times over. The 1599 first printing of this translation was published by Jan Moerentof and Jan van Keerberghen at the renowned Platin printing press in Antwerp, Belgium. "Biblia Sacra, dat is De geheele heylighe Schrifture befeylt int oudt ende nieu Teftament ... t'Antwerpen, by Ian Mourentof ende Ian van Keerberghen. Anno M.D.XCIX" This Bible has a very beautifully and professionally rebound in full leather calf period style covers with hand-sewn headbands, handmade paper endpapers and blind tooling. It has a 4 band-raised spine with the retained original two leather closing straps. The binding allows supple opening and reading of the text (on a daily basis).
The title page is a copper engraving with the title in borders, flanked by Moses and David and Old Testament scenes in the top and the Evangelists at the bottom. Throughout the Bible there are another 92 smaller woodcuts depicting various the various Bible scenes described in the text.
ABSOLUTE MUSEUM quality! A gorgeous and rare first edition Moretus Bible!  ...more details...

Price $3,350.00

Price: $3,250.00

(stock number: G10)
Size: 15.5" x 11", 5" thick

The very FIRST EDITION of the Dutch 'Statenbijbel':  a folio Netherlands - Dutch- Bible/Bijbel/Biblia from 1637 (signed 1639) printed by Paulus Aertsz. van Ravensteyn, of Leyden in a very fine condition. It has dark leather covers (likely original) with metal corners and center piece. which has been professionally restored/rebacked with 2 fully functional metal clasps and a 5 raised band spine. In the front of the Bible is a (beautifully illustrated) general title page (also showing the skyline of the city of Leiden which is characteristic for the first edition prints of the Statenm Bible), "Acte van Authorifatie" and a  "nieuw Regifter des Ouden Teftaments" (index to the Old Testament) and other prelims. The Text of the Old Testament is followed by a title page to the New Testament, an introduction and the New Testament itself, the New Testament text and a "nieuw Regifter des Nieuwen Teftaments" (index to the New Testament). Next a title page for the Apocrypha, a "Waerfchouwinge aen de lesers van de apocryphe boecken" (a warning to the readers of the apocryphal books) and the Apocrypha themselves. The text is printed in a decorative black gothic font.
The Bible contains the complete text of the Old and New Testament ("Statenvertaling').
The text of the Bible has VERY extensive study notes/remarks on the bottom of each page and contains elaborate introductions to each books of the Bible. Each book starts with a beautifully illustrated first letter engraving with a relevant Bible scene (see some of the pictures).  ALL title pages are present! The Bible's binding, and spine/covers are in good working order (treat with care as always). The leather is supple and has blind stamped decorations. All pages are present. There are some occasional stains from the past, but no loss of any text or even a serious distraction. Title page with some edge repairs. COMPLETE book! A very attractive and desirable antique piece of history. A RARE First Edition of the Dutch Statenbijbel. for more details ...

(stock number H02)
Size: 14" x 9" x 5" thick
VERY GOOD (VG) condition

A GORGEOUS large folio Netherlands - Dutch (Nederlands) -  Bible/Bijbel/Biblia from 1690 with its original (restored) leather covers and brass ornaments as well as the complete set of the famous large maps in astounding detail, printed by the renowned Jacob and Hendrik Keur in Dordrecht!
This Bible has a brown beautifully tooled leather cover with a 6 raised band spine and is decorated with all (a total of 8, a complete set) brass corner pieces, a metal decoration on the front and back cover and 2 fully functional clasps. The Bible contains the complete text of the Old and New Testament ("Statenvertaling'): "Biblia, dat is de gantfche H. Schrifture, vervattende alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen Testaments,  ... te Dordrecht by Hendrick and Jacob Keur en t'Amsterdam by Marcus Doornick in compagniee. Anno 1690".
The text of the Bible has extensive study notes/remarks on the side of the text and contains a section with introductions to the books of the Bible. It is also bound with the full text of the Apocrypha (at the end of the Bible). The complete set of 6 full page fold-out maps are present: one of the World (showing only a partial map of North America and Australia - as much of that had not been mapped by then, and showing California as an ISLAND!); one of the Garden of Eden ('het Paradijs'), one of Jerusalem, one of the 40-year voyage of the Israelites through the desert,  one of the Promised Land and one showing the travels of the apostle Paul. The maps contain an AMAZING detail and perfection!

A gorgeously 'mapped' antique Dutch Bible!  ...more information...

Price: $1,295.00 

Price: $3,975.00  

(Stock number: H28)
Elephant folio: 18" x 12.5" x 5" thick
VERY GOOD condition

One of a Kind Hand Colored 1702 Dutch Bible by Jacob Lindenberg once belonging to a famed Dutch Theologian. Beautiful and Massive, nearly 20 pounds! Includes 4 Finely Colored Double Page Maps by Romeyn de Hooghe and 3 Hand Colored Frontispieces . Also containing a non colored double page view of the City of Jerusalem (VERY RARE) . Originally owned by famed Dutch Theologian Christianus Cocq (Cock) 1670-1723
 Extensively Illustrated approximately 80 plates with typically 2 Bible Scenes engraved by Romeyn de Hooghe and explanatory prose by Henricus Fox (at some point all leaves with a plate were marked with a numbered tab – see pics, colored plates were tabbed on the top edge). Pagination (in # of Leaves) {24}, 278, 112, 70, 132. Printed in Dutch Double Column, printed marginalia. 
In 1648 Adolph Visscher of the Lutheran Church in Amsterdam revised a previous Mennonite translation of Luther’s German Bible. This became the standard Bible of the Dutch Lutherans. This 1702 printing is a revision of Visscher’s Bible translation, which was in use, occasionally revised, until 1951. Illustrated throughout with engravings by Romeyn de Hooghe of the Rubens School, the engravings represent some of the most significant for the Dutch book illustrator. This suite of illustrations was bound in a number of different translations and editions of the Bible during this period. Progress in the knowledge of biblical languages as well as the development of biblical refutation increased the demand for new versions of the Dutch Bible – In fact, a Keur translation of the "States Bible" appeared this same year. This is a historical state of Visscher’s Dutch "States translation," also known as the Lindenberg edition, which was in fact a universally accepted Protestant Bible, this volume maintaining the four original maps, some of the finest to appear in 18th century bibles

 A  ONE-OF-A-KIND amazing COLOR illustrated Dutch Bible! ... click for more info ...

Price: $2,495.00

(Stock number: G09)
Very large, thick quarto. (11.00'' tall x 8.50'' wide x 6.00'' thick)

  ''Biblia Dat Is De Gantsche H.Scriftuure / Vervatende Alle De Boecken Des Ouden Ende Nieuwen Testaments; Uyt D.M.Lutherus Hoogduytsche Bybel . Met Nieuwe Zeer Keuyrlyke Aanteekeningen, Of Ophelderingen, Accurate Summarien , Gelykluydende Texten, Bybelsche, En Meer Andere Nutte Aanwyzingen, Geshikt Volgens De Annotatien Van Den Eerwaardigen Heere Mr Nicholas Haas, Past.Prim.En Inspector Te Budiszin''. Amsterdam : Samuel Schoonwald. 1725
  Engraved frontis & engraved portrait of Martin Luther. Additional printed title. Separate half titles to second part of O/T and also the Apochrypha. Printed title page to the New Testament.  The plates are split into 148 single full page plates plus 15 double page plates (148 + 30 leaves of plates= 178 leaves). In excellent condition for a bible that is nearly 300 years old. Bound in full contemporary calf binding over thick beveled oak boards. Restored in antiquarian quality. The bible has been respined and the old leather relaid. Blind tooled windows and central lozenge to both boards. Heavy raised bands. With all plates and maps still present. In very good, clean condition with only minimal reading wear. Some paper edge wear, small smudges etc throughout (see pictures). Two original metal corners to each board along with the original hasps on each board. (No leather clasps present).
  An astounding pleasingly illustrated antique Dutch Bible! ... click for more info ...
(stock number 544)
12" x 9", 3" thick
VERY GOOD (VG) condition

In a WELL PRESERVED condition: an extensive and comprehensive 1878 Illustrated (Dutch language) Antique Family Bible including numerous full page color engravings, chromolithographs  and color maps. Gold gilt pages. This large and pristine Family Bible has intricate decorated covers  and spine, all with the gold-letter text "Bijbel".  The Bible text is the (Dutch - Netherlands) Statenbijbel (State Bible) for the Old and New Testaments. A large Netherlands Bijbel of the end of the 19th century containing the complete text of the Old and New Testament ("Statenvertaling')
Besides a number of full page exquisite color engravings/illustrations (chromolithographs), this Bible also has a very extensive commentary included with the text as chapter introductions and a very large number of side notes and footnotes. ...more details ...
Bible is SOLD
Bible is SOLD
(Stock number F52)
Size: 12.5" x 10" x 4" thick
close to EXCELLENT condition

A folio size Netherlandse Family Bijbel (Dutch language family Bible) of the 1890ies with a gold decorated/embossed leather cover as well as gold embossed lettering and the text "BIJBEL" on the front and spine and 2 fully operational clasps with brass metal corners.
The Bible contains the complete text of the Old and New Testament ("Statenvertaling'). It is extensively illustrated with beautiful full page exquisite color engravings/illustrations (chromolithographs) and color maps. The Bible also has a very extensive commentary included with the text as chapter introductions and a very large number of side notes and footnotes. Included are also  a book of Psalms and Hymns set to music plus the Catechism for the Dutch Reformed Church and a section of Hymns (Evangelische Gezangen) set to music for the Dutch Reformed Congregations outside Holland (dated 1886)
There are gold illuminated blank marriage page and family records pages in the front. Also pages for family pictures. ... more details...
(stock number: G21)
Size:  ELEPHANT FOLIO, 21" x 16" x 6" (both books together) thick

VERY LIMITED FIRST EDITION: the first Rembrandt Bible ever published on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the birth of the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). Published by Scheltema & Holkema in Amsterdam and edited by C Hofstede de Groot.
"Rembrandt Bijbel - Bevattende de verhalen des Ouden en Nieuwen Verbonds, welke door REMBRANDT met pernseel, etsnaald en teekenstift ziijn in beeld gebracht"
1960 - REMBRANDT BIBLE - 2 volumes, complete edition - Old Testament and New Testament - Monumental publication- 1906-1910. Two title pages printed in red and black, 2 full page frontispieces and 180 illustrations (on 167 full-page plates). In Dutch with Bible text from the Statenbijbel, bound in full original maroon leather with guilt decorative and blind stamped front, back and spine. Extensive publication n the occasion of Rembrandt's 300th birth year.
As New condition with some pages naturally yellowed or browned and some minor foxing. Each picture is protected by a transparent sheet with the title printed on it. This very special edition (almost for sure the largest [Dutch] Bible ever published) was published for subscribers only and specially dedicated to the Queen Mother (Emma) of the Netherlands. Part of the editions were never bound and it left the publishers almost bankrupt! The leather on the New Testament cover is a little lose close to the spine.

Price: $2,750.00

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