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We do not necessary endorse the content of the following websites, but believe that they are all hosted from a Christian perspective and are of interest for further research and study.
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Book binding and restoration:

      Book Restoration  - Craft Bookbinding Co. has been serving book lovers world-wide since 1952. We specialize in restoring antique and rare books such as Family Bibles.
Duckabush Book Bindery - Quality Hand Bookbinding
Web resources:

Cross Guide Christian Directory – Over 27,000 Christian services, products and websites.     
Other Christian websites:

  • - Provides a detailed case (based on Prepared to Answer) for the existence of God, the historical reliability of the Bible and that Jesus is indeed God in human flesh. It also builds a case for the divine inspiration of the Bible and examines the claims of the other world religions
  • - Investigates the proofs for Christianity, presented in the Dutch language (Nederlands)
  • (under development) - A Biblical study into the role of women
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