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    1491 RARE incunable FIRST EDITION "Poor Man's Bible" with ILLUMINATION, tables and color rubrication
Size: 6.5" x 4.5" x 2.5" thick
Publisher: Johannes Froben, Basel
VERY GOOD condition
Bible is SOLD
1491 Biblia Sacra - (Roman Catholic) Latin Vulgate Bible - TRULY printed in the Middle Ages! A real medieval Bible printed BEFORE Columbus was in America! Part of the INCUNABULA - INCUNABLE period (printed about 45 years after the invention of the Printing Press and published BEFORE any English Bible was ever published).

Printed in the year of our Lord, 1491 by Johannes Froben in Basel. "Basilee (Basel) : Per Ioha[n]nem Froben de Hammelburck Anno nonagesimo-primo supra millesimu[m]-quaterq[ue] centesimu[m] die vero vicesimaseptima Iunij [i.e. 27th June 1491]"
"Biblia integra: summata: distincta: supemendata: vtriusque testament cordantiis illustrata."

The FIRST EVER printed octavo size Bible!!! Froben's "Poor Man's Bible" was printed for the first time in 1491, the name was coined because of its portable (octavo) size, not its cost. Back in those days, even the "poor man's" book often cost more than even moderately well-off people could afford. Froben’s "Exhortatio" at the beginning of the book emphasized the novelty, writing that in view of its small size it would better be called a "Bibliola" or mini-Bible than a Bible (aptius Bibliola quam Biblia dici poterit). Many of Froben's religious titles were printed in sizes that were far more portable (and thus more easily distributed, especially covertly) than the folios which traditionally had been printed for ecclesiastical use. Froben's Bibles were the first printed editions to include references to parallel passages throughout each volume.

Most Bible books preceded by Jerome's preface. Includes "Interpretationes Nominum Hebraicorum" after colophon. Froben's Latin Bibles were based on the 'Fontibus ex Græcis' editions, and were highly esteemed for their accuracy"
The first Bible printed in octavo format, and the first book signed by Johann Froben, founder of a great printer’s dynasty and friend of Erasmus. The size of Froben’s Bible conforms to that of many thirteenth-century portable Bibles written in Paris and elsewhere. Froben’s Exhortatio emphasized this feature: “in view of its small size this could better be called a mini-Bible than a Bible” (aptius Bibliola quam Biblia dici poterit). To keep the number of leaves within a single volume, Froben used an unusually small but very clear gothic fount, in today’s nomenclature of 7-point size. The octavo format was clearly welcomed by readers: Froben printed a second edition in 1495 (Goff B-598), and there followed three Italian octavo Vulgate editions of 1492, 1496, and 1497, as well as Gershom Soncino’s Hebrew Bible in octavo, Brescia, 1494 (Goff Heb-10).
As a special feature (which cost at printing a lot extra, many of the still existing copies of this Bible DO NOT have this!) - BEAUTIFUL GOLD ILLUMINATED LARGE FIRST INITIAL in the Bible introduction and ALL chapter capitals are rubricated in large Red and Blue letters. First chapter initials are extra large (this Bible was printed BEFORE the verses were numbered, so it only shows the chapter numbers). As paper was very expensive no empty space is wasted between the various Bible books.
Condition: Exceptionally well preserved. Lacking the first leaf of the summary after the title page and one of the last two blank leaves. Otherwise complete. Leaves 5 (sig. a1), 495 and 496 (sigs. ²E7-8) are blank. 494 of 496 leaves in Latin. Binding of 16th century in full leather with ornaments in the centre of boards. Spine with restorations. Internally in very good conditions. First and last leaves with marginal water stain. Some redness and stain. Few marginal tears. One leaf with tear that touches the text with restoration without loss. Small marginal wormholes on the last 4 leaves. Solid binding (handle with care as always). Exceptionally clean paper, no tears, no foxing, no soiling - again amazingly nice for a 527 year old Bible!!!! Complete Old & New Testament.
.Some Background:
Johann Froben, in Latin: Johannes Frobenius (and combinations), (circa 1460 — 27 October 1527) was a famous printer and publisher in Basel. He passed his printing business on to his son Hieronymus, and grandson Ambrosius Frobenius. Froben was born in Hammelburg, Franconia. After completing his university career at Basel, where he made the acquaintance of the famous printer Johann Amerbach (circa 1440 — 1513), Froben established a printing house in that city about 1491, and this soon attained a European reputation for accuracy and taste. In 1500 he married the daughter of the bookseller Wolfgang Lachner, who entered into a partnership with him.

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