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1884 Exquisitely Illustrated Antique Haydock Catholic Family Bible, color Stations of the Cross and closing clasps
Size: 12.5" x 10" x 4.5"
Publisher: W.R. Beard & Co, Indianapolis
Bible is SOLD
An 1884 exquisitely illustrated, 'Haydock' Antique Roman Catholic - Douay Rheims -  family Bible adorned with amazing chromolithographs (color engravings) - including the BEAUTIFULLY COLOR illustrated 'Stations of the Cross'.  The Bible has a beautiful decorative cover which consists of thick leather covered boards with intricate artwork, a (gold gilt) cross and other gold decorations showing Bible related scenes. Attractive gold-decorated 5-band spine with the texts "Holy Bible - Douay & Rheims" and "Rev Geo Leo Haydock's Notes and References - Illustrated". Gold gilt pages and closing clasps. The text of this Bible is the Douay-Rheims Bible (or Doway Rheims Bible or D-R Bible), being the English translation from the Latin Vulgate ("... diligently compared  with the Hebrew, Greek and Other Editions in Divers Languages ... with useful notes, critical, historical, controversial and explanatory ... by the late Rev. Geo. Leo Haydock "). The text covers the complete Old and New Testament as well as the books that are often referred to as the Apocrypha. Includes Approbations by various American Bishops and Cardinals. Extensive Haydock notes with the Bible text (reads like a modern day study Bible).
To support the study of this Bible there are a number of additional sections, like an historical and chronological index; Portraits of pontiffs and bishops; the Parables of our Lord Jesus Christ; a very extensive section of Scripture Illustrations; Comprehensive History of the Books of the Holy Catholic Bible;  Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ; An illustrated and comprehensive Calmett Catholic Bible Dictionary (128 pages); color maps, color Stations of the Cross, color parables of Jesus and MUCH MORE. "The whole beautifully illustrated with numerous steel plates and other appropriate engravings"
Blank presentation page in the front.  Blank family pages (lacks matrimony page) before the New Testament and a section for family portraits at the end of the Bible.
Scroll down for MANY photographs of this Bible!
This Bible is in a VERY GOOD and WELL PRESERVED condition. The Bible's binding, spine and cover are holding well (not restored) and you can use this Bible daily - with careful use.  No writings, complete Bible.  Typical wear for its age.  Clean and nice pages. Blank ORIGINAL family pages (except matrimony page). Many plates and engravings. One of the clasps lacks a small nail (but it works and holds fine). Gold gilt pages and color plates.
 An exquisitely illustrated clasped COLOR 'Haydock' Antique Catholic Family Bible 
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