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    1616 folio very-fine illustrated Geneva Bible, with Speed's Genealogies, Apocrypha, Concordances and Psalter
Size: folio-size - 12.5" x 8.5" x 3.5"
 Publisher: Robert Barker, London

Price: $2,995.00

This is a well preserved, rare and folio-sized Geneva Holy Bible, printed by the renowned Robert Barker, in London in 1616. Excellent preservation and high quality rebacked with new blind-stamped leather of the original covers and contemporary spine, red labeled in gold letters: "Geneva Bible" and "1616".
  This Geneva Bible or also called Breeches Bible is COMPLETE with all title pages, the famous extensive commentaries by the early reformers, and a complete series of the sought-after Geneva engravings and also the full-page Genesis Garden of Eden map.
This Bible contains FIVE sections bound together: the complete Speed's Genealogies (with title and all 34 pages of engravings), the complete Bible (Old and New Testament, with all titles and prelims etc), the Apocrypha, the Concordances (the two tables) and the Whole Book of Psalms (Psalter, with musical bars, with all Psalms and Hymns, lacks few prayer pages at the end). Including a total of FOUR title pages: the title to "The Genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures ... by J.S"), the general title to the Bible ("The Bible, That is, the Holy Scriptures contained in the Old and New Teftament ... 1616") and the title pages to the New Testament (translated out of the Greeke by Theod. Beza.") and the Psalter ("the Whole Booke of Psalmes ... 1632").
All sections (except see above) are complete in every aspect, including titles, prelims, illustrations and colophons.
 Next to the first page of Genesis is a full page engraving of the Garden of Eden with the Tree of Life". Various smaller engravings (the complete famous Geneva set of illustrations and maps) throughout. Beautifully decorated chapter initials (very large initials for the first chapter of every book).  Many pictures included.
This folio sized Geneva Bible is in an overall VERY GOOD+ and DAILY USABLE condition. Complete Bible text with all title pages and prelims. Some repairs/small damages on the first pages of the Prayer Book. The binding is in a solid (very professionally restored) condition. New leather on covers (some scratches on the leather). The (cotton based) paper is  crisp, clean, and hardly shows any aging. Some occasional discoloring. Nice margins all around the texts.
A gorgeous historical Geneva illustrated folio Bible!
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