1560 Exceptional red-ruled FIRST EDITION of the Geneva Bible, printed At Geneva by Rouland Hall with Apocrypha, tables, engravings and maps - binding, clasps and custom storage box - Antique Family Bibles and Early English Bibles

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    1560 Exceptional red-ruled FIRST EDITION of the Geneva Bible, printed At Geneva by Rouland Hall with Apocrypha, tables, engravings and maps - binding, clasps and custom storage box 
Size: quarto, 10" x 7" x 3" thick
 Publisher:  Roland Hall at Geneva
VERY GOOD+ to EXCELLENT condition!
Bible is SOLD
This is the VERY FIRST Geneva Bible ever printed! And this is the first Bible ever printed with verse numbers. Exceptional preservation and completeness! The TRUE Bible of the reformation translated and printed in English by the Reformers at Geneva (under the leadership of John Calvin himself).
First edition of the "Geneva Bible," the first complete Bible in English printed in roman type with verse divisions. In contrast to Tyndale's and Coverdale's early versions, the tenor of the Geneva Bible's arguments and explanatory notes was Calvinist rather than Lutheran. In the New Testament the terms "elder" and "congregation" replaced "priest" and "church." The notes to the Apocalypse are stridently anti-Papist, for instance the scarlet woman of Revelation 17:4 is identified as "the Antichrist, that is, the Pope with ye whole bodie of his filthie creatures."
"The community of Marian exiles in Geneva who translated and printed this first edition followed the distinctive features of contemporary French Genevan Bibles—convenient size, roman type, numbered verse divisions, and the inclusion of historical tables, explanatory pictures, plans, and maps ... These visual aids reflect Genevan concern that even the 'simple reader' should understand obscure passages of scripture" (Luborsky & Ingram). Another innovation in the Bible was the introduction of many famous phrases that were retained in the Authorized Version, such as "smite them hip and thigh," and "vanity of vanities."
Although never formally adopted in England, the Geneva Bible remained the most popular of all versions for three generations, with one hundred and forty editions printed between 1560 and 1644.
Beautiful museum quality rebound with exquisite binding in contemporary 16th century style with calf leathers covers/spine, including hand cut brass clasps/straps - this is how a luxury edition of this Bible would have been issued! Comes with a custom full leather enclosure in matching style.
COMPLETE Bible text with the title pages to the Old Testament (very high quality facsimile) and the New Testament (original, exceptionally preserved)
This Bible text is complete in EVERY ASPECT, it also includes the epistle to 'Qviene Elisabet', the Apocrypha, the two tables at the end, the suppuration and 'the order of the yeres'. It is basically all complete except for the original title and the address. Quite amazing!
Printed in Roman Type with double columns, divided in verses, marginal notes in very small Roman type. References etc. and contents before chapters in italics. Subject headings in headlines. An argument is prefixed to each book. The Hebrew names are carefully spelt and accented. Red ruled by hand throughout
The engravings in the text number 26, many of these are accompanied with descriptive notes. Most of these engraves in the first edition are significantly larger than found in the later editions.
The Bible was issued with five double page maps to be inserted separately - usually these are not present, however this Bible has retained 'the Description of the Holy Land' map which usually was inserted at Matthew's gospel.
It is also worth mentioning that in this edition the Apocryphal book ' the Prayer of Manasseh" is actually placed in the main Old Testament section immediately after 2 Chronicles) instead of with the other Apocryphal books.
This Bible is described in Herbert's catalog as number 107.
Thomas Frognall Dibdin writes regarding the 1560 Geneva, "It...is now become rare and no early English Bible is likely to be found in a more soiled and injured state, and is seldom perfect." - The Library Companion; Dibdin, Rev. T. F., 1825. His notes precede the bibliographical work of Francis Fry by some forty years.
VERY GOOD+ to EXCELLENT condition! Stunning binding, restored to conservator quality. Very easy to open and read. All in amazingly well preserved condition (quite exceptional, see Dibdin remark above). VERY wide margins around - this Bible was likely never trimmed (very very rare). Clean and fresh pages. No notes or scribbles or any other signs of use. A few occasional darker spots or stains (see many picutres below). Very high quality facsimile general title. Red ruled by hand throughout. Could even use as a daily reader!! See below for about 85 pictures.
Detailed collation: General Title (facsimile), Epistle 2 pg , description of Holy Land Map (at front), damp stain in Judges, 1: corner torn in II Samuel (picture), damp stain  II Sam XXIII-XXIIII (picture). I Chron XIII tear with loss (picture), after I Chronicles has Prayer of Menassah, Ink stain to Isaiah XXX (picture), Tables present in Rear Table 1 4 pags, Table 2 8 pages, Perfect Supplication for yeres...1 p, Order of yeres 1 p, Measures an incredible 10" tall very large for a 4to, 10" x 7" and is 3" thick, pages are a remarkable 9 3/4" tall very large copy RED RULED.
A truly unique 1560 First Edition Geneva Bible
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