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    1578 Beautiful FIRST large folio Holy - Geneva - Bible with rare Prayer Book and parallel Psalter, engravings
Quarto, Folio, 14.5" x 10.5" x 4" thick
Publisher: Christopher Barker, London
Bible is SOLD
The FIRST edition of the large folio Geneva Bible with parallel column presented Psalms (in this edition the Geneva and the Prayer Book versions of the Psalter appear side by side, the former in Roman type and the latter in black letter font), also bound with a unique/peculiar version of the Book of Common Prayer using 'Minister' instead of 'Priest' and omitting some of the Offices.
An astounding offering: a 1578 large folio edition Geneva Bible, printed by Christopher Barker . Very well preserved, with various engraved maps and the COMPLETE Bible text (including the whole book of Revelation)
The Bible is catalogued by Herbert as number 154. It has the complete set of special Geneva engravings and maps including a RARE full page temple engraving in Ezekiel. COMPLETE BIBLE TEXT! Text printed in double column in black letter font with the extensive Geneva notes in the side bars and footers.
Nicely rebound in contemporary style leather spine and covers. 'Geneva Bible' and '1578' printed in gold on added labels on the spine.

Start with facsimile of the General Title, followed by the 34 preliminarily leaves which include the Proper Lessons, the Kalendar and the Booke of Common Prayer. Lacking ONLY 1 or 2 of the 34 leaves. Next Bible itself complete from Genesis to Revelation with the original New Testament title. Finishes with the First Table (second table is lacking).
As per Herbert's: 'Fry states in a manuscript note that the Prayer Book is generally missing from copies of this edition, as collectors of editions of the Book of Common Prayer are eager to acquire this peculiar variety, and often cut the leaves out of the Bible'
VERY GOOD and DAILY USABLE condition. Solid binding, no loose covers or pages - you can read this Bible without concerns (handle with care of course). Some of the usual browning and occasional staining. First and last pages with ragged edges and  the December Kalender page has a cut corner. A facsimile of a BcP title is included but this title was not part of the Bible and therefore was not lacking. Also includes a few pages of interesting handwritten provenance.

Overall an AMAZING and VERY RARE large folio Geneva Bible.
See below for about 80 pictures!
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