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   1878 Ornate Illustrated Roman Catholic Family Bible with full page (Dore) illustrations
Size: 12 x 10 x 4"
Publisher: John E Potter, Philadelphia
    VERY GOOD and DAILY USABLE condition

Price: $545.00

VERY GOOD Condition: an attractively illustrated 1878 Roman Catholic antique family Bible with an exquisite gold decorated cover which consists of leather covered boards embossed and with intricate artwork, a (gold gilt) cross and Bible related decorations. Gold gilt pages. On the leather spine in gold letter the text "Holy Bible " is written. The text of this Bible is the so called Douay-Rheims Bible (or Doway Rheims Bible or D-R Bible), which is an English translation from the Latin Vulgate ("The Approved Holy Catholic Bible - The Holy Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate ..."). The text covers the complete Old and New Testament as well as the books that are often referred to as the Apocrypha. Includes Approbations by various American Bishops and Cardinals.
Numerous full page illustrations (some by Gustave Dore) throughout, As well as an extensive illustrated History of the Bible and Calmet's Catholic Dictionary of the Bible
 Pages for family photographs also at the end. Unused Matrimony page and some written family history pages in the middle of the Bible.
This Bible is in a VERY GOOD/USABLE condition. The Bible's binding is holding well and be used daily (with care as always).  Pages overall clean and mostly all are brilliant white/bright. Original unmarked matrimony page. See the many pictures.
An ornate illustrated antique Roman Catholic family Bible
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