1743 - 1763 - 1776 Rare set of First Edition Saur Bibles - First Bibles ever printed in America, German language, all complete - Antique Family Bibles and Early English Bibles

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    1743 - 1763 - 1776 Rare set of First Edition Saur Bibles - First Bibles ever printed in America, German language, all complete
Size:  each book: quarto, about 10 1/2" x 9" x 4"
Publisher: Christoph Saur, Germantown, Pennsylvania
Bible is SOLD
A rather UNIQUE offering of a set of the three famous, first edition, first Bibles printed in America by Christoph Saur (Sower in English) in Germantown, Pennsylvania:  the 1743 first Bible printed in America, the 1763 the first Bible printed on American-made paper and the 1776 (also called the gun-wad Bible) which is the first Bible printed from American-made type (font).
Christoph Saur (1693-1758) printed the first Bible (the first Bible printed in the US in a European language - German) - an edition of 1200 copies - in 1743 based on Martin Luther's German translation. He included in the Apocrypha only the books that Luther has used but also added III and IV Esdras (now referred to as I and II Esdras by Protestants) and III Macabees. The verses in Job 19:25-27 are printed in two translations: Luther's and that from the Berleberg Bible.
The 1763 Bible was printed as an edition of 2000 copies (the first Bible printed on American made paper) by Saur's son who was also called Christoph (1721-1784). The third edition was also printed by him in 1776 (3000 copies) and was the first Bible printed with American made letter type. This one is also known as the Gunwad Bible as legend has it that many inbound pages of this edition were used to make cartridge paper during the battle of Germantown, October 4, 1777.
All three Bibles are complete and in VERY GOOD condition.
The 1743 edition has its general title printed in RED and BLACK. Various ornament head-pieces. Professionally restored binding with original covers (restored clasps) and replaced spine with gold texts "Biblia Martin Luthers" and "Christoph Saur 1743". Some browning and staining throughout. Tattered edges on first and last pages. Separate title to New Testament and a table/register and the end of the Bible.
The 1763 Bible has all original covers, spine, and (restored) leather straps. Decorated with (original) brass corner and center pieces - very nice! Likely rebound sometime in the 20th century and it is holding well. All complete with both title pages, colophons and ornamental headpieces. text basically identical to the 1743 edition. Some typical browning etc throughout.
The 1776 Gun-Wad Bible is also bound in its original covers and spine with restored leather hasps. Binding holds very well. Some typical browning but overall very clean and undamaged pages. All complete with titles, colophons, tables etc.
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