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    1690 Gorgeous Dutch Keur State Bible (Statenbijbel) with large maps, Apocrypha, brass bosses and clasps
Size: 14" x 9" x 5" thick
Publisher: Jacob and Pieter Keur
VERY GOOD condition
Bible is SOLD
A GORGEOUS large folio Netherlands - Dutch (Nederlands) -  Bible/Bijbel/Biblia from 1690 with its original (restored) leather covers and brass ornaments as well as the complete set of the famous large maps in astounding detail, printed by the renowned Jacob and Hendrik Keur in Dordrecht!
This Bible has a brown beautifully tooled leather cover with a 6 raised band spine and is decorated with all (a total of 8, a complete set) brass corner pieces, a metal decoration on the front and back cover and 2 fully functional clasps. The Bible contains the complete text of the Old and New Testament ("Statenvertaling'): "Biblia, dat is de gantfche H. Schrifture, vervattende alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen Testaments,  ... te Dordrecht by Hendrick and Jacob Keur en t'Amsterdam by Marcus Doornick in compagniee. Anno 1690".
The text of the Bible has extensive study notes/remarks on the side of the text and contains a section with introductions to the books of the Bible. It is also bound with the full text of the Apocrypha (at the end of the Bible). The complete set of 6 full page fold-out maps are present: one of the World (showing only a partial map of North America and Australia - as much of that had not been mapped by then, and showing California as an ISLAND!); one of the Garden of Eden ('het Paradijs'), one of Jerusalem, one of the 40-year voyage of the Israelites through the desert,  one of the Promised Land and one showing the travels of the apostle Paul. The maps contain an AMAZING detail and perfection!
There is also a complete index/concordance to both the Old and the New Testament. The Bible is complete. Beautifully decorated chapter initials and colophons. All title pages present.
This antique Bible is in a VERY GOOD condition. The Bible's binding, and spine/covers have been restored and are in good/solid working order. This is a big Bible - so always handle with care! All pages are present. There is some yellowing/occasional stains on the paper (as to be expected), no loss of any text, wide margins all around, paper is somewhat stiff.
A gorgeously 'mapped' antique Dutch Bible!
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