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Welcome to our GOLD room: here we offer a highlighted selection of Special Editions, exquisite English and Latin Bibles and unique Christian Works - ENJOY!

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(stock number: H17)
Size: 9" x 6.5" x 3" thick

RARE and PRECIOUS 1483 Biblia Sacra - (Roman Catholic) Latin Vulgate Bible - TRULY printed in the Middle Ages! A real medieval Bible printed BEFORE Columbus was in America! Part of the INCUNABULA - INCUNABLE period (printed about 43 years after the invention of the Printing Press and published BEFORE any English Bible was ever published).
Printed in the year of our Lord, 1483 by Franciscus Renner de Hailbrun in Venetiis (Venice). "Explicit biblia impressa Venetijs per Francisiscu renner de hailbrun .M.CCC.LXXXIII." (please note: Bibles of before 1485 do not have title pages - the name of the printer and the year of printing is found in the colophon at the end of the book of Revelation - see one of the pictures)
This is a quarto size Bible. The first Bible ever printed in Venice is from 1475 (also printed by Fransiscus Renner). The first quarto was printed in 1480 - this is the second quarto edition.
474 leaves (lacks first 2 which are part of the prologue). 2 columns, 50 lines and headline. Gothic letter. Capital spaces with printed (small) guide letter. After printing the Bible was (by a contemporary Venetian artist) rubricated in red and blue letter art. 3-line initials in red and blue alternately begin each chapter. 5-line initials in red and blue begin each book and a 17-line initial in red and blue at the first page of Genesis and Proverbs. Multiple other rubrications/variations/accents/decorations throughout the text. Additionally this Bible is also bound with the index of Hebrew names in the back, which was present to guide the readers through the long, complex and some-times foreign text of the Bible, therefore already in the Middle Ages the interpretations of Hebrew Names ( Incipiut Interpretationes hebraiucoru nomino) was added to the actual Bible text.
Also various prologues of Jerome present/included as introductions to Bible books and sections. ... click to see more details and pictures ...

Price: $17,500.00

Price: $28,500.00

(Stock number: H56)
Size:  QUARTO, 8.5" x 6" x 3" thick

This is an AMAZINGLY preserved and exceptionally rare ALL COMPLETE 1568-1570 Geneva Bible, only the second quarto edition ever printed: printed 'At Geneva' by John Crispin (Jean Crespin), one of the printers in Geneva closely associated with the Reformers movement! This is one of the very few editions of the Geneva Bible that was actually printed in Geneva (hence the Bible's name) BEFORE printing of this Bible was 'moved' to England and monopolized by Christopher Barker.
With hand-written note by famous Bible biographer Francis Fry (1803-1886) in the front of the Bible: 'The Genevan Version J Crispin 1570. This Copy has the "Calender Historical' with the very rare title all genuine. The Bible is also perfect and all genuine but the Map at the end of Acts which is facsimile'. Signed Francis Fry - (this writing and signature look authentic).
Beautiful museum quality rebound with exquisite binding in contemporary 16th century style with calf leathers covers/spine, including Renaissance chevron style embroidered endbands, marble paper endpapers, hand cut brass clasps/straps and trolling over all in both blind and gold. Old bookplate has been retained - this is how a luxury edition of this Bible would have been issued! Comes with a custom full leather enclosure in matching style.
With ALL the original title pages: Title to the Calendar (M.D.LXIX - 1569, with John Crispin device), The General Title (M.D.LXX - 1570), the New Testament title page (1568) and the title to the COMPLETE Metrical Psalter (which is by the way the first time this metrical Psalter was printed and included with a Geneva, 1569) and it includes the "Treatise of Athanasius"
This Bible is complete in EVERY ASPECT, including all prelims with the Calender section including the various introductions, a supputation of the years from Creation, table of the cycle of the Sun, the 12 month Calendar with a small cut at the beginning of each month and an overview of 'the fairs in France and elsewhere'. Next the general title, the Epistle (dated 10 April 1569), to the Reader and Table of Bookes. After the Apocrypha is a 'brief table of the propre names', followed by the NT Title and some more prelims. After Revelation are a few more tables (incl a table of the principal things) and the complete Whole Booke of Psalmes (Hymns, Psalms and prayers with musical bars - all complete, ends with the prayers).

(stock number K79)
Size: quarto 9" x 7" x 3.5" thick

'The Bible - Translated according to the Ebrew and Greeke [...] [Bound With] Two Right Profitable and fruitfull Concordances ... 1586'
EXQUISITE GENUINE 430+ YEAR OLD GENEVA "BREECHES" BIBLE IMPRINTED AT LONDON BY  CHRISTOPHER BARKER PRINTER TO THE QUEENS  MAIEFTIE 1586 - QUARTO EDITION MEASURES 9" x 7" x 3.5" thick overall. This COMPLETE 1586 Bible is comprising both Old Testament and New Testament, as well as he Apocrypha (included in this edition between the Prophets and the New Testament). In addition, the Bible is bound with (as issued, according to ESTC) a COMPLETE copy of "Two Right Profitable and Fruitfull Concordances," compiled by Robert F. Herrey,  with his Preface to the Christian Reader, dated 1578, and comprising two extensive Concordances: The first Alphabet of directions to common places, conteyning all the Hebrewe, Caldean, Greeke, Latin, or other strange names..., and The second Alphabet of directions to common places, contayning all the English words …".  A rare find of a rare Bible!
A true 1586 Geneva Bible! ...click for more details...

Price: $3,950.00

(Stock number: F66)
Size:  FOLIO, 14.5" x 10" x 2 1/2" thick

A VERY WELL preserved 1595 folio Bishops Bible - in antiquarian quality rebound. Only lacks the general title page, everything else: prologue, almanac, calendar, tables, maps, colophon etc etc is all present, including the last pages of Revelation (which are ever so often missing).
Superb binding of the highest quality. Beautiful brown calf leather blind stamped boards and spine with the text 'Holy Bible'. The book opens and reads without any concerns whatsoever.
Text in black/Gothic letter. Separate title page to 'The Newe Testament' with broad woodcut border, register & foliation are continuous. The Almanacke and the Calendar are printed in black and red. This is Herbert #227 with maps/engravings next to the first page of Genesis (the garden), at the beginning of the New Testament and after the book of Acts (the Chart Cosmographic). Various tables etc throughout. Ends with colophon and "Christopher Barker ... 1595."
Overall a VERY ATTRACTIVE folio Bishops Bible in a superb binding. ... click for about 77 pictures ...

Price: $6,750.00

Price: $4,500.00

(stock number I94)
  Size: folio 14" x 9.5", 3" thick

A beautifully preserved and rebound/restored, 1595 large folio-size (14" x 9.5"), Geneva (Breeches) Holy Bible in a VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT and DAILY USABLE condition. It is all red-ruled (by hand) throughout huge margins around as the pages appear to be never trimmed! - this is VERY RARE! It contains the Old and New Testaments (with the famous engravings and maps) and the Apocrypha plus two concordances (tables). Printed in London by the renowned Christopher Barker.
The Geneva Bible is often referred to as the 'Breeches' Bible because of its translation in Genesis 3:7 as "and they sowed figge-tree leaves together, and made themselves breeches" (the KJV has "aprons").
Rebound/restored in leather brown covers and 5 band spine gold lettered 'Holy Bible" on a red/gold label. The Bible is printed in 2 columns Roman font letter (easily readable) text with the extensive Geneva Bible notes in Roman font on the sides and as footnotes. Decorated with chapter initials and many colophons as well engravings/maps. The initial 'B' before the address represents Hercules and the Lernea and Hydra.
The Bible text is complete with titles and preliminary pages (lacking the general title and the last page of the table at the end), like the dedication to the reader, various tables, table of content etc (see pictures).
A very special pre-1600 un-cut red-ruled Geneva illustrated folio Bible!  ... more details ...

Price: $4,950.00

(Stock number: G57)
Size: octavo, 7" x 5" x 2.5" 

                            "The Holy Bible Containing the Old Testament And The New. Newly translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former Translations diligently Compared & Revised. By His Majesties Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches. London: Afsigned of J. Bill & Chr. Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1671."
An exquisitely beautiful and very rare COLOR (amazingly detailed colored by hand likely by the publisher who also did the red-lining) illustrated Bible antiquarian quality rebound with (original?) full leather binding with blind stamped decorations. All page edges gilt. Engraved general title; architectural design. Also a second general title (next to New Testament title): architectural design with cut of royal arms: "The History of ye Old & New Testament in Cutts. Printed by Wm. R, for John Williams in Cross Keyes at Court in Little Brittaine. F. H. Van Hove Sculpsit 1671."
 A beautiful c17th rare (hand) colored illustrated Bible dated c1671 hand ruled in red throughout indicating noble ownership originally and adorned with numerous rare, striking and vivid hand colored illustrations by Fredrick Van Hove in all approx 141 illustrated pages throughout the bible and with some being a large full page illustration and some having numerous illustrations to the page. Superb hard back dark tan leather binding with decorative fine tooling to the borders of both the front and back boards with the spine also having fine decorative tooling, raised ribbing with tooled and gold leaf gilded wording ' Holy Bible ' .

Complete King James Bible, containing both the Old and New Testament ,with dedication page, main title page and separate title page for the New Testament, also dated 1671.  The beautiful original cutts by Frederick Hendrick van Hove ( 1628- 1698) were first published in London in 1671 so likely this was the first or one of the first publications. ... click for more details and pictures ...
(Stock number: K04)
Size: VERY large folio 19" x 13" x 4.5" thick
VERY GOOD condition

Gorgeous and truly magnificent: The famous and monumental ‘Vinegar Bible,’ also known as the ‘Baskett full of errors,’ and generally acknowledged as the most magnificent Bible printed in England. The text is the King James Version of the English Bible and was printed in large folio by J. Baskett at Oxford in 1717-16. The volume is adorned with numerous beautiful engraved headpieces and tailpieces depicting scenes from the Bible (about 60 in total, about 1/4 of a page each), further adorned with engraved initials, includes the famous typographical error in the headline of Luke XX that reads “The Parable of the Vinegar”  Herbert (#943) calls it "A magnificent edition, printed in large type. With many plates at the beginning and end of books, engraved in steel from the designs of various artists. Some of the initial letters are similarly engraved ... "

This edition is the somewhat rarer illustrated 'B' variant. As printer to King George II and to the University of Oxford between 1711 and his death in 1742, John Baskett was responsible for printing many fine books. However his name is remembered above all for his 1717-1716 imprint of the Holy Bible should have been one of the highlights of Baskett's career. Instead so many printing mistakes were made that people referred to his Bible as a "Baskett-ful of errors.” This edition was authorized for use in the pulpit, and this copy very likely was so used.
The volume comprises the complete text of the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament, along with the two title pages and the preliminaries. Both titles display beautiful engravings. The volume measures about 19" x 13" x 4.5". See about 70 pictures.

Overall a rare and sound example of this rare BibleFor more details and many pictures click here

Price: $4,750.00

Price: $3,650.00

(Stock number: H13)
Size:  quarto, about 10 1/2" x 9" x 4"

A complete and rare (German language) Bible printed by Christoph Saur (Sower in English) in Germantown, Pennsylvania:  the 1776 (also called the gun-wad Bible) which is the first Bible printed from American-made type (font). It is often referred to as the First True American Bible (as it was the first one printed without any imported materials/paper)
It is a rather special Protestant (Lutheran) Bible as in the Apocrypha it only includes the books that Luther has used but Saur also added III and IV Esdras (now referred to as I and II Esdras by Protestants) and III Macabees. The verses in Job 19:25-27 are printed in two translations: Luther's and that from the Berleberg Bible (see one of the pictures)
The 1776 edition (3000 copies) was the first Bible printed with American made letter type. It is also known as the gunwad Bible as legend has it that many inbound pages of this edition were used to make cartridge paper during the battle of Germantown, October 4, 1777.
In VERY GOOD and WELL PRESERVED condition: The 1776 Gun-Wad Bible is bound in its original covers and (restored) spine with restored leather hasps and decorated with (original) brass corner and center pieces - very nice! Binding holds very well. Some typical browning but overall very clean and undamaged pages. See picture for the title page
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