1637 complete First Edition of the Statenbijbel (Dutch Staten Bible) with Apocrypha & tables by van Ravensteyn- bound with corners and clasps - Antique Family Bibles and Early English Bibles

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1637 complete First Edition of the Statenbijbel (Dutch Staten Bible)  with Apocrypha & tables by van Ravensteyn- bound with corners and clasps
Size: 15.5" x 11", 5" thick
Publisher: Paulus Aertsz. van Ravensteyn, of Leyden
Bible is SOLD
The very FIRST EDITION of the Dutch 'Statenbijbel':  a folio Netherlands - Dutch- Bible/Bijbel/Biblia from 1637 (signed 1639) printed by Paulus Aertsz. van Ravensteyn, of Leyden in a very fine condition. It has dark leather covers (likely original) with metal corners and center piece. which has been professionally restored/rebacked with 2 fully functional metal clasps and a 5 raised band spine. In the front of the Bible is a (beautifully illustrated) general title page (also showing the skyline of the city of Leiden which is characteristic for the first edition prints of the Statenm Bible), "Acte van Authorifatie" and a  "nieuw Regifter des Ouden Teftaments" (index to the Old Testament) and other prelims. The Text of the Old Testament is followed by a title page to the New Testament, an introduction and the New Testament itself, the New Testament text and a "nieuw Regifter des Nieuwen Teftaments" (index to the New Testament). Next a title page for the Apocrypha, a "Waerfchouwinge aen de lesers van de apocryphe boecken" (a warning to the readers of the apocryphal books) and the Apocrypha themselves. The text is printed in a decorative black gothic font.
The Bible contains the complete text of the Old and New Testament ("Statenvertaling'): "Biblia, dat is de gantfche H. Schrifture, vervattende alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen Testaments, Door laft der Hoogh-Mog: Heeren Staten Generael van de  Vereenighde Nederlanden en volgens het Befluyt van de Synode Nationael, gehouden tot Dordrecht in de Iaren 1618 en 1619, Uyt de Oorfpronckeljcke talen in onfe Nederlandfche tale getrouwelijck overgefet ... tot Leyden, gedruckt bij Paulus Aertfz. van Ravenfteyn. Voor de Weduwe ende Erfgenamen van de wijlen Hillebrant, Jacofz. van Wouw" 
The text of the Bible has VERY extensive study notes/remarks on the bottom of each page and contains elaborate introductions to each books of the Bible. Each book starts with a beautifully illustrated first letter engraving with a relevant Bible scene (see some of the pictures).  ALL title pages are present! The Bible's binding, and spine/covers are in good working order (treat with care as always). The leather is supple and has blind stamped decorations. All pages are present. There are some occasional stains from the past, but no loss of any text or even a serious distraction. Title page with some edge repairs. COMPLETE book! A very attractive and desirable antique piece of history.
A RARE First Edition of the Dutch Statenbijbel
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