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Biblia Sacra - Holy Bibles - Latin Vulgate (Roman Catholic before the Reformation Bibles) and early Latin - Greek - Hebrew Protestant Bibles
Jerome's translation of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures into the common language of the Roman Empire, Latin, was completed in 405. Until the Protestant Reformation this was the ONLY Bible used. Initially it was copied by hand (manuscripts), later after the invention of the printing press (1450 onwards) it bacame available in printed editions. The Latin Vulgate was recognized as authoritative during the Council of Trent (1546) and became the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church. These Latin Bibles are commonly referred to as the Biblia Sacra (literally Holy Scriptures/Books in Latin)
All Bibles printed in the first 50 years after the introduction of the printing press (period 1450-1500) are referred to as the 'Incunabula' or 'Incunable'.
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All Bibles are listed in order of publishing date. For each Bible there is a seperate detailed webpage with many, many more pictures that you can reach by clicking on the title of the Bible or at the 'more details' link at the end of the description.

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(stock number: H17)
Size: 9" x 6.5" x 3" thick

RARE and PRECIOUS 1483 Biblia Sacra - (Roman Catholic) Latin Vulgate Bible - TRULY printed in the Middle Ages! A real medieval Bible printed BEFORE Columbus was in America! Part of the INCUNABULA - INCUNABLE period (printed about 43 years after the invention of the Printing Press and published BEFORE any English Bible was ever published).
Printed in the year of our Lord, 1483 by Franciscus Renner de Hailbrun in Venetiis (Venice). "Explicit biblia impressa Venetijs per Francisiscu renner de hailbrun .M.CCC.LXXXIII." (please note: Bibles of before 1485 do not have title pages - the name of the printer and the year of printing is found in the colophon at the end of the book of Revelation - see one of the pictures)
This is a quarto size Bible. The first Bible ever printed in Venice is from 1475 (also printed by Fransiscus Renner). The first quarto was printed in 1480 - this is the second quarto edition.
474 leaves (lacks first 2 which are part of the prologue). 2 columns, 50 lines and headline. Gothic letter. Capital spaces with printed (small) guide letter. After printing the Bible was (by a contemporary Venetian artist) rubricated in red and blue letter art. 3-line initials in red and blue alternately begin each chapter. 5-line initials in red and blue begin each book and a 17-line initial in red and blue at the first page of Genesis and Proverbs. Multiple other rubrications/variations/accents/decorations throughout the text. Additionally this Bible is also bound with the index of Hebrew names in the back, which was present to guide the readers through the long, complex and some-times foreign text of the Bible, therefore already in the Middle Ages the interpretations of Hebrew Names ( Incipiut Interpretationes hebraiucoru nomino) was added to the actual Bible text.
Also various prologues of Jerome present/included as introductions to Bible books and sections. ... click to see more details and pictures ...
Bible is SOLD
Bible is SOLD
(Stock number: L14)
Size: 6.5" x 4.5" x 2.5" thick

1491 Biblia Sacra - (Roman Catholic) Latin Vulgate Bible - TRULY printed in the Middle Ages! A real medieval Bible printed BEFORE Columbus was in America! Part of the INCUNABULA - INCUNABLE period (printed about 45 years after the invention of the Printing Press and published BEFORE any English Bible was ever published). Printed in the year of our Lord, 1491 by Johannes Froben in Basel. "Basilee (Basel) : Per Ioha[n]nem Froben de Hammelburck Anno nonagesimo-primo supra millesimu[m]-quaterq[ue] centesimu[m] die vero vicesimaseptima Iunij [i.e. 27th June 1491]"
"Biblia integra: summata: distincta: supemendata: vtriusque testament cordantiis illustrata."
The FIRST EVER printed octavo size Bible!!! Froben's "Poor Man's Bible" was printed for the first time in 1491, the name was coined because of its portable (octavo) size, not its cost. Back in those days, even the "poor man's" book often cost more than even moderately well-off people could afford. Froben’s "Exhortatio" at the beginning of the book emphasized the novelty, writing that in view of its small size it would better be called a "Bibliola" or mini-Bible than a Bible (aptius Bibliola quam Biblia dici poterit). Many of Froben's religious titles were printed in sizes that were far more portable (and thus more easily distributed, especially covertly) than the folios which traditionally had been printed for ecclesiastical use. Froben's Bibles were the first printed editions to include references to parallel passages throughout each volume.
Most Bible books preceded by Jerome's preface. Includes "Interpretationes Nominum Hebraicorum" after colophon. Froben's Latin Bibles were based on the 'Fontibus ex Græcis' editions, and were highly esteemed for their accuracy"
The first Bible printed in octavo format, and the first book signed by Johann Froben, founder of a great printer’s dynasty and friend of Erasmus. The size of Froben’s Bible conforms to that of many thirteenth-century portable Bibles written in Paris and elsewhere. Froben’s Exhortatio emphasized this feature: “in view of its small size this could better be called a mini-Bible than a Bible” (aptius Bibliola quam Biblia dici poterit). To keep the number of leaves within a single volume, Froben used an unusually small but very clear gothic fount, in today’s nomenclature of 7-point size.
As a special feature (which cost at printing a lot extra, many of the still existing copies of this Bible DO NOT have this!) - BEAUTIFUL GOLD ILLUMINATED LARGE FIRST INITIAL in the Bible introduction and ALL chapter capitals are rubricated in large Red and Blue letters. First chapter initials are extra large (this Bible was printed BEFORE the verses were numbered, so it only shows the chapter numbers). As paper was very expensive no empty space is wasted between the various Bible books. ... click for more details! ...
Bible is SOLD
(Stock number: G13)
Size: FOLIO 14.5" x 11" x 3.25"
Exceptionally well preserved and close to EXCELLENT condition

A VERY BEAUTIFUL folio just post-incunabula Latin Vulgate - Biblia Magna. Complete in every aspect. Printed in red and black throughout (rubricated) with numerous fine and exceedingly quaint woodcuts of Bible scenes and initial chapter letters with occasional ornamental borders. Beautiful woodcut title page and large woodcut in front of the book of Matthew. "Biblia magna. Biblia cum concordantiis Veteris et Novi Testamenti et sacrorum canonum : necnon & additione in marginibus varietatis diversorum textuum ac etiam canonibus antiquis quatuor Evangeliorum insertis : & accentu omnium vocabulorum difficilium signato : summa cum diligentia revisasa correcta" Printed in Lyon (Lugdunumi) by Jean Moylin.  Edited by Alberto Castellano with historical notes by Johannes de Gradibus.
Beautifully antiquarian contemporary style rebound in light leather covers with a five band raise spine and printed in gold 'Bible Magna - 1520". Complete Bible, including various tables, overviews and indices.
This Bible is amazingly well preserved and in a PRISTINE  and DAILY USABLE condition. The Bible's binding, spine and cover are very professionally restored and in excellent condition, this Bible can easily be used on a daily basis.
Complete Bible. Very little wear for its age. Clean and undamaged pages (some a little rougher edges in front and back - see pictures). Few occasional stains. Gothic large font with printed in black and red. A few old library stamps (see pictures) and some clean occasional handwritten notes in very nice style/font.
A truly astounding 1520 magnificent illustrated Bible  !!!  ... click for more pictures ...
(Stock number: F94)
Size: 4.25" x 3.25" x 1.5" thick

l Nuouo Testamento di Christo Giesu Signore & Saluatore nostro. Di greco tradotto in lingua toscana per Antonio Brucioli. M.D.XXXXI.  (In Venetia : per Bernardino Bindoni milanese, 1541)
An extremely rare and early Bible in the Tuscan language: 'Il Nuovo Testamento di Christo Giesu Signore & Salvatore nostro...', translated from Greek into Tuscan for Antonio Brucioli and printed in Venice, 1541. Modern day Italian has 'evolved' from Tuscan. This being part one of two, the second part (Epistole di San Paulo apostolo, dal greco tradotte...), not present. 16mo, bound in extremely unusual and near period blind tooled calf, the boards with device depicting what appear to be birds around an unidentified central monogram, all edges gilt. The contents of this part are complete, foliated, meeting collation: [16], 210 [i.e. 320] leaves, with historiated initials, the text printed within single ruled border. Condition: The binding is holding firmly and is in very good condition, with just some light wear to surface / extremities from handling, short perforation at head of upper hinge, corners a little bumped and scuffed. Contents are holding firmly and in very good condition, with just occasional minor spots or handling marks, some light toning and dust marking at points. Title with early ink inscription at base. Plain endpapers, upper flyleaf removed and the pastedown with a few old ink markings and paper adhesion at head.  A beautiful example of an extremely rare and early New Testament in Tuscan. ... click for more details ...

Price: $1,850.00

(Stock number: F88)
Size: 7.25'' x 5.5" x 2.75''

Biblia Sacra, ex postremis doctorum omnium vigiliis, ad Hebraicam veritatem, & probatissimorum exemplarium fidem : cum argumentis, indice, & Hebraicorum nominum interpretatione. Lugduni : Apud Guilelmum Boulle, 1542.
A gorgeous vellum bound original Latin Holy Bible! Original vellum binding with some exposure and light vellum loss to the spine, carrying raised bands and manuscript titling to the compartments. Hinges intact; joints exposed. No endpapers. Text in Latin with numerous woodcuts throughout, ending at Revelations with over 4 to a bifolium in spots! Paginates Title, 7 leaves tables, 560pp, 7pp tables, colophon leaf with attractive printers device. D&M 6122. A truly gorgeous Bible! The title leaf is stained and has a repaired loss; folio 487 has a repair in the top margin. The text has some light staining in places and some light foxing, there are a few ink marginal notes and under linings, all is well bound in and presents very nicely. Covers look to be original vellum, 3 raised band spine with text "Biblia Sacra' and hand written the name of the publisher (Boulle). Covers are holding well with weak hinges. Overall VERY NICE 1542 Latin Vulgate (roman Catholic) Bible. for more details ...
Bible is SOLD

Price: $975.00

(Stock number: G03)
Size: 4.5" x 2.5" x 3/4" thick

Novum testamentum, haud poenitendis sacrorum Doctorum scholiis, Ioannis Benedicti Theologi Parisiensis, cura concinnatis, non in utiliter illustratum.  PARISIIS Apud Simonem Colinaeum [Simon de Colines] & Galeotum a Prato. 1543 Cum privilegio
 Two parts/volumes in one. Part II - Divi Pauli Epistolae, non vulgaribus Doctorum scholijs illustratae
 Bound in later 17th Century leather with five raised bands to spine. There are worn gilt borders to the front and rear boards, and decoration and titles to the spine compartments. The leather is heavily rather surface worn and scuffed, and the corners and edges are bumped and a little chipped with loss. The bottom fore edge corner of the top board has a heavy bump. The hinges are rubbed and worn, although remain firm. The top and bottom of the spine are a little chipped, with small loss. The headband is broken and thus the contents appear to be straining a little to centre. Internally, there is a library bookplate of the Earls of Macclesfield*, pasted to the inside front board. The bookplate has been pasted over hand written, and scored out annotations. As can be seen from the photos, the front free endpaper is also heavily annotated in two different hands. The front free endpaper is loosening a little at the bottom inner edge, the rear free endpaper is missing. The title page has some ink smudging, and a blind embossed library stamp to top. The contents have pale browning and foxing throughout, in varying degrees,a little heavier to a few leaves. A couple of sections have some ink underlining and markings etc, and there are a couple of scattered faded contemporary annotations to margins. There are a coupel of pale margin edge stains. A couple of small sections have a very slight bump to corners. Else the contents are in reasonable condition for age. Text in Latin. Vulgate. Complete.  An uncommon printing of the New Testament. ... more details ...

(Stock number: G06)
Size: 4.5" x 3.5" x 2.25"

In quite exceptional complete and well preserved condition: A RARE 1552 ANTWERP PRINTED EDITION OF ERASMUS' LATIN EDITION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT (translated directly by Erasmus from the Greek using the 'textus receptus' - which was also used for the later King James translation:
  Bound in full calf, the binding has been neatly and soundly respined, the boards are rubbed a little. The first and last few leaves have marginal losses and have been archivally repaired. The title is grubby. The text has some old ink marginal inscriptions and some small marginal losses in a few places; all is well bound in. COMPLETE in all respects with various indices in the back. ... more details ...

Bible is SOLD

Price: $1,175.00

(Stock number: F99)
Size: 4.75" x 3.5" x 1.5" thick

Novum testamentum, haud poenitendis sacrorum Doctorum scholiis, Ioannis Benedicti Theologi Parisiensis, cura concinnatis, non in utiliter illustratum, iamque de-integro auctum & recognitm'
 PARISIIS Apud Gulielmu Guillard, & Almaricu Warencore, sub D.Barbarae signo, via Iacobea. M.D.LXIII
 Two parts/volumes in one. Part II (separate title to NT books after Acts, starting with Romans) - Epistolae beati Pavli Apoftoli
  Bound in contemporary (original, overlaid?) red leather with matching gold dcorated spine. Text in Latin. Vulgate. Complete, with all prelims, introductions and 2 extensive indices. Professionally antiquarian quality rebound - VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition. No tears, some occasional underlining and few notes by previous owners. Gold gilted page edges. Few engravings/colophons. Single column Roman font text with side bars of notes.
 An exquisite printing of a 16th century Parisian New Testament.  ... click for more details ...
(Stock number: G36)
Size: 8" x 6" x 2.75"
VERY GOOD condition

'Biblia ad vetustissima exemplaria nuncrecens castigata ... Venitiis: Apud Haeredes Nicolai Beuilaque, & Socios, M.D.LXXXIII' [1583]
Bound in (original) vellum covers with  handwritten 'Biblia Sacra' on its spine. Apart from the  highlighted initials this Bible is truly LOADED with Scripture illustrations  Double column Roman font, with marginal matter, enclosed within rules and verse-numbers given at the side. All text in Latin. Bound with various introductions, tables and indices.
 [Bible]. Biblia. Octavo. 1126 pages. Elaborate engraved architectural title page with vignette of St. Jerome and the lion below title with flanking vignettes, dexter, Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac; sinister, Cain smiting Abel; each bordered with scroll work and grotesques, above these a framed proscenium screen flanked, dexter, a Hebrew priest burning incense; and sinister, Moses and the Tablets; with the words "Biblia ad vetustissima exemplaria" and above all, the crowned Deity upon a cloud with the sun and stars. 616 dramatic woodcut illustrations likely after works by Hans Holbein, Bernard Salomon and Pierre Eskrich. Historiated initials, tailpieces and other decoration. Text printed in two columns. Vellum binding contemporarily titled by hand in black ink of the spine. All edges marbled. Vellum spotted, as usual; minor shelf wear and bumping; text block. Front free endpaper with inscription; ancient marginal notes and markings; some foxing, toning starts and staining; some pages conserved and mounted without primary text loss; some folds, fox-ears and fragile breaks; else very good. A very good copy of a profusely well illustrated 16th century Bible! ... click for about 65 pictures ...
Bible is SOLD
(Stock number: F90)
Size: 7" x 5" x 2.75" thick
VERY GOOD condition

Complete 16th century Latin Vulgate Bible with beautifully detailed fold-out maps and numerous woodcut illustrations throughout: 'Biblia Sacra Advetustissima Exeplaria nunc recenscastigata Romaeque reuisa ... Lvgduni, Apud Gulielmum Rovillium ... MDLXXXVIII [1588].
An amazingly illustrated volume containing the complete Bible text with various tables and introductions as well as maps and illustrations.
Starts with engraved title page with table of books on the verso. Next Preface, Introduction and Index followed the complete Bible text. Ending with an Index Epistolarum and an Index Biblicus. Bound with 2 double sided fold-out maps (one in front of the Old Testament and in front of the New Testament). MANY (about 1/3 page) scripture illustrations throughout the Bible. Decorated first chapter initials.
Condition: VERY GOOD: The binding is excellent and is in daily useable condition (has been very professionally restored and rebound in new leather). A little toned/dust soiled and with some sporadic light creases, spots or smudges, patchy browning at a few points and a few leaves with minor nicks or chips to edges but largely in good condition and the leaves quite crisp. Exquisite and detailed illustrations!
A beautifully illustrated very early Bible! ... more details and pictures ...
Bible is SOLD
Bible is SOLD
(Stock number: F96)
Size: 14" x 10" x 3" thick

Biblia Sacra Vulgata Editionis Sixti V.Pont.Max. Iuffu recognita Et Clementis VIII auc.edit. - Lutetia Parisiorum - Cum Privilegio Regis M.DC.XLVIII [1648]
Large extensively engraved title page, showing various Bible scenes including Moses, David and the four Evangelists. Followed by an Introduction and a letter to the Reader, a statement from the Pope (Clemens VIII) and about the Canon of Scripture. Next the complete Old and New Testament with brief chapter introductions and engraved/illustrated first chapter capitals. At the end of the book there is a separate printing of III and IV Esdras and a number of tables and indices.
VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition. Professionally (antiquarian quality) restored binding. Overlaid original leather covers. Bible is complete in every aspect. Exceptionally well preserved. No tears or any significant damages. Clean pages with wide margins.
An 'as-good-as-it-gets' Vulgate folio Bible
(Stock number: H30)
Size: 12.5" x 8.75" x 3.25

A true antique treasure printed in 1680 with astoundingly beautiful art!
Missale Romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii Tridenti Restitum, etc.  Munich: Joannis Jaecklini [i.e. Jaeckel], 1690.
Bound in its original gorgeous ornate leather binding, this is a 17th Century folio Missal, in a  stunning contemporary binding of full brown German morocco elaborately embellished in gilt, the covers with a central lozenge of gouge work within a rectangular panel with elaborate gouge work corner pieces, surrounded by multiple rolls and tools, each cover with protective flat brass bosses; the foredge with the original brass straps and clasps in full function. The spine is presented in seven compartments as well, a bit faded but still very elaborately tooled.
VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition. There are a few very neat restorations to the extremities of the spine, as well as the joints strengthened, else presented as true as the day it was bound. Page edges red with tabs, as shown; floral pastedowns. Paginates complete; [60], 624, cxxvii, [6], 14 pp.; [2], 44, [12] pp. last two sections with separate title pages; printed in red and black, with multiple fine full page engravings. Leaves additionally feature gorgeous red and black printing, music, hand colored illustrated initials, and various red and black devices, as shown. Rare section in the rear for exorcism and dealing with demons, an interesting addition. Measures 12.5" x 8.75" x 3.25". A magnificent example of late 17th century German liturgical printing, housed in a splendid fine binding of the Late German Baroque period.
Bible is SOLD
Bible is SOLD
(Stock number: I22)
Size: 9.5" x 6.5" x 2.5"

ex decreto sacrosancti Concilli Tridentini restitutum S. Pii V. Pontificis Maximi jussu editum, Clementis VIII. & Urbani VIII. Auctoritate Recognitum: Cui accessere Sanctorum Missæ ad hanc usque diem per Summos Pontifices novissimè Emanatæ. VENETIIS: APUD NICHOLAUM PEZZANA, 1749.
VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition. Rare and exquisite finely bound Italian Catholic liturgical Missal with gorgeous binding, stunning adornments and full page copper plates. Bound in original gilt embellished red leather, as shown with ornate inset and flourished gilt borders and corners, with each corner carrying full raised relief metal corner fittings, as well as central raised metal decorations in metal as well. Similar gilt designing and raised bands to the spine as well. Some light rubbing, a real stunner externally with a binding seldom seen in such an ornate and lavish preservation state. All page edges gilt with the corners etched with gauffered designing. . Text in Latin, black and red; illustrated in text black and white devices as well as full page engraved copper-plate scenes, including full page depiction of the Crucifixion, as well as initials, music and more. Contains Catholic prayers, chants, rituals and much more related Liturgical material. Includes a section on exorcisms and demonic removal, as well as a handful of added manuscript leaves at the rear, as shown. A few stains, a few pages with a few chips; main block in great shape otherwise.
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