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     1880ies Salesman Pictorial Family Bible Sampler for P.W. Ziegler and Co.
Size: 12.5" x 10" x 3"
Publisher: P.W. Ziegler & Co.
 GOOD to VERY GOOD condition

Price $395

A nice and attractive Salesman "Pictorial Family Bible" Sample book as used by salesmen/agents for P.W. Ziegler & Co. of Philadelphia and Chicago for door-to-door offering and sales,  dating from 1880ies.

This Salesman Bible Sampler book offers examples of 5 different styles for the English language 'Pictorial Family Bible' ("the Best in the Field") Ranged in pricing from $5.00 for the "Arabesque Leather, Marbled Edges" version (No. 1) through $13.00 for the "Magnificently Bound in Extra Fine Morocco, Full Gilt Sides, Raised Panels" version (No. 5). Examples of contents, covers and spines are all included in this extensive sampler.  For an extra 25 cents any of the above styles "will be furnished with the Old Version and the Revised Version of the New Testament in parallel Columns". Ziegler also offered the same Bible versions in the German language for the same prices ranging of $5.00 (No. 1) to $13.00 (Style 5) and the Sampler contains various examples of the German versions as well.
There are also pricelists and subscribers pages (some filled out, including 2 'testimonies' from local pastors!) included plus many instruction notes for the salesmen.

 The binding is holding well and allows for regular use and study with care (as always with these old books). This Sampler seems complete, even many of the salesman instruction slips/notes are still present and attached. There is NO writing (except for the subscription pages).  There is wear to the edges of the covers and areas on the leather.  Some rough pages, an occasional tear and other small damages throughout. Still, quite an attractive piece of end of 19th century Bible history!
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