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     1880ies Salesman Pictorial Family Bible Sampler, U.S.B. Publishing Company
Size: 12.5" x 10" x 2.75"
Publisher: U.S.B. Publishing Company, Toledo, Ohio (agent for A.J. Holman, Philadelphia)
 VERY GOOD and COMPLETE condition.

Price $450

A very fine example of an 1880ies Salesman  Pictorial Family Bible Sampler as used by salesmen/agents for the U.S.B. Publishing Company (A.J. Holman was the actual printer of most large family Bibles of those days having many other companies/representatives selling their Bibles under other publisher's name as well) dating from the early 1890ies.

This Salesman Bible Sampler offers examples of 10 different styles for the English language 'containing the Old and New Versions in Parallel Columns' ranged in pricing from $4.25 for the "Arabesque" version (No. 3) through $15.00 for the "Genuine Turkey Morocco" version (No. 12). Examples of contents, covers and spines are all included in this beautiful sampler.  In this Salesman Bible, this Bible is also offered in the German language ("The New Illustrated German Bible"). The Sampler contains various examples of this German language version as well.
A number of the special 'pink' slips with instructions/information for the salesman are still included. 

 The binding has been restored, is sound and allows for daily use without any concerns. This Sampler is very complete, even a number of the salesman instruction slips/notes are still present and attached. There is NO writing. Preserved gold embossing on the edges of the covers. There is some wear to the edges of the covers and areas on the leather. An attractive Salesman Bible.
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